6 Riders To Watch At The US Cyclo-Cross Championship

Cyclo-cross is a type of bicycle racing and it usually takes place in winters or autumn. In this sport, a racer has to pass many laps of short distances of about 2.5 to 3.,5 km. Sometimes, a racer has to pass through grass, wooded trails, obstacles and pavements. If the user finds that he/she cannot ride on such path, they can also carry the bike and cross the obstacles. The US Cyclo-Cross championship is organized every year in the winters and lasts for four days. Sponsor of this championship is USA Cycling. Those who win this championship are rewarded under United States national Cyclo-cross champions.


Riders to watch at the US Cyclo-cross championship:

  1. Jeremy Powers:

Jeremy Powers is a professional cyclist who belongs to America. He is very popular and a great cyclist as he is the winner of around 60 UCI victories, and 4 US Cyclo-cross championships. This is the reason that he is considered as the top rider in the world. He is passionate about cycling since his childhood and even he was the winner of Junior Mountain Bike World Cup in the year 2000. Since then, he has won many championships.

  1. Jonathan Page:

Jonathan Page is a bicycle racer from America who is popular for road racing and Cyclo-cross sports. He has won four national championships, one in 2002, then in 2003, 2004 and lastly in 2013 when he was about to quit his career. Page is an efficient rider and has proved it by winning the championship at the end of a career.

  • Danny Summerhill:

Danny Summerhill is a cyclist who also belongs to America and also a member of United HealthCare. He has been a junior national champion for two times, won a silver medal in Junior Cyclo-Cross world championship in 2007. Also, he has won a national championship in the U23 ranks.

  1. Jameysco Dril:

Jamey Driscol is a professional cyclist who is specialized in Cyclo-cross and the road racing. First time, he won the national Cyclo-cross championship in the year 2003 as a junior. He made his career prominent by winning his first Elite Cyclo-cross medal.

Jonathan Page was probably glad the race organization padded the trees on the steep descent after this close encounter. It was a disappointing day for the American, who finished a dismal 38th. Photo: Dan Seaton | VeloNews.com

  1. Katie Compton:

Katie Compton is a bicycle racer from America and is specialized in Cyclo-cross racing. She has been a winner of the national championships in the USA as Elite Women from 2004 to 2016. She is the first woman from America to podium in the Cyclo-cross world championship in the year 2007.

  1. Kaitlin Antonneau:

Kaitlin Antonneau is a professional cyclist who despite of being young, has won a number of championships in her life till now. She ranked 1st in U23 ranks in Cyclo-cross national championships in the year 2010. She got the 7th rank at World Cup in Milton Keynes. A few years back, she had won under 23 women’s titles in Boulder.

The USA Cyclo-cross Championship is famous for the sports like Cyclo-cross Racing and other bicycle racing. Above are the listed popular and strong Cyclo-cross riders who have won multiple championships in the USA Cyclo-cross racing and many other types of racing.


Hi there! Sports are a real fun especially when they are taken to championship level and this Cyclo-Cross competition is one of them. As evident from the name it is a cycling competition; not merely a simple cycling competition but on mountainous

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