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Hi there! Sports are a real fun especially when they are taken to championship level and this Cyclo-Cross competition is one of them. As evident from the name it is a cycling competition; not merely a simple cycling competition but on mountainous tracks with loads of obstacles to cross and this literally has managed to keep things a lot more interesting. Though this is more fancied in Belgium and France but it also is played in major parts around the globe including New York. This sports is rather a lot more adventurous than other racings because racers would have to actually get off their bicycles and then carry the bicycle all the way through the obstacle and this makes it somehow a race of cycling and running to some extent. Diversified Nature!

Bernhard Eisel leads into the winds in the 2015 Ghent-Wevelgem

I have been a fan of sports for a long time and especially the racing ones. Even if you are watching a sports car running through obstacle in a turbo speed it is enough to get your personal mode to the turbo one. Same is the case with cycling competitions of such sort, racers will actually go through a lot of obstacles in their way to finally win the game. I was on a weekend trip to New York when I for the first time witnessed Cyclo-Cross racing with my own eyes and though I was not supporting any player at that time, I was actually feeling my heartbeat because of the growing tension in the game. I really got a lot more involved in the game after getting back home and used to regularly follow the championship and matches that were held in major countries but when it came to New York, I preferred watching it live. Secondly, this game is not of the sort that you have to keep on watching and sitting for various hours and the end result is game tied; even if there is a tie here, it looks so interesting because both of them were striving for getting first. My likeness and growing attachment towards cycling somehow induced the though in me that I should start writing about it and here I am; expressing my likeness with gratitude.

The content for this site will majorly encompass the Cyclo-Cross Championship; it will include the players and racers taking part in it, their respective countries, the number of times they have won the championship, a complete calendar on the schedules of Cyclo-Cross Championship for the lovers of cycling, and so on. AllĀ  the exceptional details about the tournament, the locations where they are likely to be held, how to take part in them, the whole history of the event, equipment required to play, major series and races held by Cyclo-Cross Championship, the seasons when they are played, and literally everything about the event will be a part of this site. So, if you want to get a hang on the events associated with Cyclo-Cross Championship, then you need to come up and check out latest news here regularly.