Cyclo-Cross Racing For Beginners: Recipe For Success

The Cyclo-cross season has started and it is going to last until January. The season will see many professional and amateur bikers making the steeplechase with their bikes. Here is understanding what all is required for a successful Cyclo-cross season.



The sport which has its origins in Europe is a race that generally takes half an hour or more to finish. The track which is 15 miles long comprises of mud, pavement, grass and a few obstacles. The obstacles such as stairs, logs or barriers are used to slow down the bikers who have to get off from their bikes in order to overcome these and complete their race.

If you are looking to take part in the race, then you will need the following items.

  • A light mountain bike
  • Shoes with mud shedding quality
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Skinsuit which can also be replaced with a jersey

How to choose the items?

For beginners, it is always advisable to use mountain bikes. The mountain bikes and Cyclo-cross bicycles have similarity. Both have narrow tires drop handlebars and lightweight. The Cyclo-cross bicycles have the knobby pace for the grip.

The biker has to run traversing the mud and obstacles, carrying his bike on his shoulders. The shoes need to have the capability to deal with this. The mountain biking shoes come with mud shedding pedals that make it easy for the bikers to carry out such tasks.

One of the most important pieces of equipment that every biker, whether a professional or an amateur needs is the helmet. The gloves and glasses also offer good protection from the mud.

The clothing which is considered apt for the bikers is the Skinsuit. Skinsuit provides protection against the scratch and tear during the race. A biker needs to get on and off his bikes a number of times during the whole race, these suits provide aerodynamics required for such movements.

Tom Dumoulin on stage six of the 2016 Giro d'Italia

How to prepare yourself?

The preparations have to be done physically and mentally. Practicing on the bike is more important than doing any other physical exercise. The bike needs time and finesse. Regular practice relating to traversing barriers and cornering will help a biker to attain the required skills. One movement that every biker must practice is the off and on movement. It needs to be really crisp and sharp seeing the number of time biker does that during a single race.

Mastering Biking skills are not all. The body needs to be trained for tolerating the pain. A biker needs to push his body limits and enhances his stamina.

Some Useful tips

Before the race, ride the course at least once so that you can have a fair idea about all the obstacles and the time needed to overcome that.

Reach the race course well before the time on the day of the race. Practice the lap once.

Do not forget to mind the temperature, which can be cold during racing season. Have all the necessary items to yourself dry after the race is finished.

Cyclo-cross cycling can be great fun, so don’t forget that above all!


Hi there! Sports are a real fun especially when they are taken to championship level and this Cyclo-Cross competition is one of them. As evident from the name it is a cycling competition; not merely a simple cycling competition but on mountainous

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