Expected Obstacles On A Cyclocross Course

A very popular form of bike racing is known as cyclocross. The races usually happen during the season of autumn and winter.This sport if very famous and one of the traditional sport in countries like France, Netherlands and Belgium.The races are done under certain rules and regulations and there are many limitations too.

Obstacles one can expect during a cyclocross course

Mostly in cyclocross races you either find yourself in a corner or just simply running with your bike.Inorder to differentiate between various cyclocross races, obstacles and different terrains are included in the races. Though cyclocross has been just a simple bike race ,but including specific features to the races can give a brand new personality to the race.Usually, USAC rulings limits the barrier to 4 to 6 M apart and height about 40cm, with not more than two successions. During unsanctioned events, they use these rules as guidelines and further create ‘illegal features’.


In any course or race, you’ll come across the wooden plank barrier section.In this course, a set of maybe two/three/four but mostly two vertical boards that run horizontally crossways the course. The racers can get off and lift their bike up and drive over these wooden plank barriers or can do a bunny-hop or can try a mixture of both. But even if the rules are mentioned still you can come across a giant log or a rock wall while your course despite of the given height and spacing mentioned.

For run-ups, the hills are too muddy/sandy and steep that force the racers  get off ,then push and drag their machines up the hills. The racers can also encounter knee deep peanut- butter mud hills. Also, sand pits, sandy beaches or big tree roots can be part of your course depending on your geographical locations.

There are also man-made features that you can encounter in your course. Most common man-made features are flyovers and stairs.

Man-made features you may encounter

  • Stairs are usually built on the sides of the hills in a way that forces the rider to get off their bikes and take a break from the race. Pro bike handles can simply ride these without stopping.
  • Flyovers can be a bit frightening at first. But if you break them down into different sections i.e. stairs to climb up and a short, sharp fall followed after that.

Man-made features also have fun facts attached to them, which can be very useful in a limited space.


At times,a beer garden can also be characterized as a barrier.If you easily get scared by loud noises then, you have to brace yourself. Even stopping down in between to a grab a dollar or a beer can make you lose some seconds, can also be a disqualification criteria in certain cycling events.

Usually, the race venues are kept in places that are easy-access and have a huge space for parking e.g. Fairgrounds , schools etc. Such venues can give some advantages to certain types of rider.

For sure, the above mentioned obstacles will help you in gaining knowledge about cyclocross and different obstacles that you might get to face while your very first race.


Hi there! Sports are a real fun especially when they are taken to championship level and this Cyclo-Cross competition is one of them. As evident from the name it is a cycling competition; not merely a simple cycling competition but on mountainous

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