Five Of The Best Cyclocross Bikes

The upsurge in the cycling discipline and a rise in the popularity of Cyclocross  tournaments has led to the manufacturing of great bikes. Earlier it was rare that a good cyclocross bike would swing by the market, but now with these bikes swarming, bikers are left with many options. Here is the description of five best bikes available for cyclocross races.


1)    The Crux Sport E5: This bike a robust warrior to take any terrain or a challenge. It comes with a SRAM Apex or Shimano. The gears are CX specific which means they can be shifted consistently suiting all conditions. The fully hydraulic brakes allow smooth braking system in the most difficult of conditions. The bike also has tapered headtube and a super stiff frame.

2)  Mares AX: The bike not only offers strong and sturdy service for Cyclocross biking but also looks exquisite.The rear and front axles are something to boast about this bike. The wheels can be changed rapidly  as they are threaded through-axles rather than conventional quick release skewered. The high bottom bracket makes the ride stable and smooth. The control and clearance are managed efficiently by  fork angle.

3)    Merida Cyclo Cross 500: It makes a good introductory cross bike for the beginners. It is an affordable CX bike made by the Taiwanese manufacturer. The most common radio setup found on cyclocross bikes today is Shimano 105 on the rear. The Chainrings in this bike are matched up to this setup. It has one of the most comfortable seats to sit on. With a sturdy and a well-proportioned frame, it is easy to carry over the shoulders during the race. The handlebars, stem, and Seatpost are similar to those road bikes. It provides good traction. Overall a good bike that can be bought for a reasonable price.


4)    Jake the Snake CX:  It has an aluminum frame that is light and fast. It can be ridden easily through the rough terrain with its carbon fork and the engineered seat. It is such a complete package except for its wheels that are a slight disappointment. The tires used are a grippy challenge that adds to its robust personality. The highly efficient  disc brakes help the biker to curtail the speed irrespective of the weather conditions. The gears Shimano 105 group provides high efficiency in shifting smoothly. It seems to be a monotonous bike but it has all the qualities of a CX bike except maybe, the wheels.

5)    TCX SLR 2: The bike has carbon fiber fork, Shimano 105, and an aluminum frame. The bike with mechanical disk brakes is ideal for a cyclocross race.  The bike has its own branded overdrive steerer and wheels S-X2. The tires help to combat any kind of rough terrain. It is a good bike in the category if you are not fond of flashy paintwork.

The season has started and there are plenty of bikes in the market. Choose the one which suits your needs best and start rolling.


Hi there! Sports are a real fun especially when they are taken to championship level and this Cyclo-Cross competition is one of them. As evident from the name it is a cycling competition; not merely a simple cycling competition but on mountainous

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